Children of Alcoholics and Addicts Week: Fact of the Day for Morning Announcements

Children of Alcoholics and Addicts Week is observed every year during the week of February 14, to bring awareness to the needs of these children and to encourage responsible adults to reach out and support these children.


One in four youth under age 18 lives in a family where a person abuses alcohol or suffers from alcoholism. Countless others are affected by a family member’s use of drugs. Remember: You are not alone. Lots of teens are in your situation and it’s important to deal with it.


Addiction to alcohol or drugs is a disease. When one member of the family has this disease, all family members are affected. Remember: It’s not your fault; it’s a disease. You didn’t cause it, and you can’t make it stop. You need and deserve help for yourself.


Young people with alcohol or drug addicted parents are four times more likely to become addicted if they choose to drink alcohol or use illegal drugs. Remember: You can’t get addicted if you don’t drink or use drugs.


If you are a student affected by a family member’s addiction, talk with an adult who will listen and help you deal with problems at home. Maybe you could talk to a: teacher, school counselor or nurse, a friend’s parent, doctor, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or a neighbor. It is important to find caring adults who can help you. Talking to them really helps.


If you are a student affected by a family member’s addiction, join a support group. Groups are great places to meet other young people who are struggling with the same problems at home that you face. Talk with your school counselor to find out more about groups that are offered.*

* You can also highlight our Kids of Promise groups if that is something your school offers. Use the following sentence at the end of this fact: Through our student assistance program here at school we offer a group for students affected by a loved one’s addiction, if you are interested in joining this group please see your guidance counselor.