WARNING: Vodka Soaked Candy


(November 10, 2011) Lake County ‘s substance abuse prevention coalition, Safe Climate Coalition of Lake County, Inc, is sharing the concern to the County community expressed by the cities of Jacksonville, Miami and Sacramento, and the state of Alabama among others.

The alert and concern is about a new fad teens are using to get drunk: vodka soaked gummy bears or other gummy candy. This fad has quickly gone viral via YouTube and other internet vehicles, with videos showing the candy quickly soaking up the alcohol and masking the taste. Unless parents, teachers and law enforcement become aware, it is unlikely that they would think to consider alcohol use via favorite childhood candies.

This new trend allows teens to consume alcohol without carrying bottles, cans or a flask. Most adults are completely unaware, and the teens even laugh about consuming right in the presence of their parents. The main concern is that teens are unaware of the amount of alcohol they are ingesting. Stories are circulating of teens using 100 proof alcohol leading to the potential of alcohol toxicity which is a dangerous medical condition that can even lead to death.

Debi MacIntyre, Executive Director of Safe Climate Coalition encourages everyone to “discuss this with the teens in your life, and to make sure that any gummy candy they are consuming is alcohol free.”

The Safe Climate Coalition is comprised of concerned Lake County citizens determined to understand the substance use and abuse challenges in our area. We are committed to gathering and assessing data to try to reduce the factors that lead to both the use and consequences of substances by our teens and adults. Started in 2003, SCC facilitates biannual logic models for both youth and adults and seeks a community mandate for action. For more information or to get involved, call Shelly Gerig (352) 250-9619 or visit safeclimatecoalition.org.