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Home Location & Our Purpose



The Safe Climate Coalition of Lake County, Inc. is a community coalition that focuses on youth substance abuse and  violence prevention – a proactive process which empowers individuals and systems to meet the challenges of life events and transitions by creating and reinforcing conditions that promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles



The Purposes of  Safe Climate Coalition are:


  • To promote interagency cooperation and collaboration with law enforcement and schools in addressing Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug

       (Prescription) abuse issues and violence in Lake County;


  • To encourage the development of effective substance abuse and violence prevention programs and services through these criteria - data-driven decision making, evidenced-based strategies, and risk and protective factors of Lake County youth as identified by the most recent county Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey;


  • To provide a forum for partnerships between the Safe Climate Coalition and community stakeholders; and


  • To encourage community involvement and participation in meeting the needs of the youth in Lake County through established organizations.